Mega Security Services, Inc. A NYS D.C.J.S. Security Training School
Mega Security Services, Inc.A NYS D.C.J.S. Security Training School 

Security Guard Training 

According to the NYS Security Guard Act of 1992 you are only  required to take the 8 hour pre-assignment course before you can submit an application for a security guard liscense to the NYS Dept. of State.    The 16 hour on-the job training course must be taken within 90 days of employment and you must also recertify annually.  


Mega Security Services, Inc.

Course offerings and pricing 

  • 8 hour pre-assignment:  $ 50.00
  • 16 hour on-the-job training:  $100.00
  • 8 hour annual recertification:  $ 50.00

Other courses offered:

  • Fire Guard preparation course - $ 35.00 


All of our services include assistance with the security guard application process; annual reminders of recertification and renewal requirements.


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